Школа английского языка Владимира Иванова

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The Ivanov School of English (prior to 2008, «Vladimir Ivanov English Elite Class») was established in September 1998 with the aim of providing the best in the teaching of English.

The main line of the school's activity is preparing candidates for international examinations FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, SAT II, BEC, TKT.

Over 10 years more than 60 people have passed CPE examination and more than 150 candidates have received FCE, CAE, TOEFL and IELTS Certificates.

More than 30 people have confidently entered international business schools in the US, UK, Canada, Spain and other countries. Dozens of candidates have been trained for entering American and European schools and colleges.

The second important line is improvement of the skills of EFL teachers. More than 100 school and college teachers have gone through this course over 10 years, and many of them have passed examinations for Cambridge Certificates.

The third line is teaching a general course of English. Hundreds of students have improved their English language skills and are successfully working in their firms and companies both in Russia and abroad.

What makes the Ivanov School of English different is:

• Very high qualification of the teachers (degree in English plus a Proficiency certificate and wide work experience).

• Individual approach (classes of no more than 4 people);

• Homogeneity of groups (through preliminary testing);

• Careful selection of teaching materials;

• Special creative atmosphere reigning within the walls of the School.

But it must be emphasized that no matter how professional and experienced the teachers are, or however perfect and modern their methods and approaches may be, it is the strong individual effort on the part of the student that matters most. Without it, it is impossible to acquire a good command of English, let alone pass an international examination.

The School, therefore, admits only those candidates for whom English is a priority, those who are ready to work hard, putting every effort into doing big homework assignments and, if necessary, study on days off. An unquestionable intermediate level is required for an applicant to be admitted to the school.

17 января 2019 года
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